• Health Services

    Mississinewa Community Schools values the health and safety of all of our students and staff. The role of the school nurse is to administer medication, care for students who have been injured or become ill during the school day, and facilitate care of students with acute or chronic health conditions. If you have specific questions about your child's health concerns or your child has a new diagnosis, please contact the nurse at your student's building. 

    Care Plans

    All care plans and forms need to be updated prior to the start of school on August 7th. Please see the list below and fill out any form in the health form section that applies to your students' health concerns. *Some of these forms will need to be signed by a physician.


    Please make sure inhalers are available at school. If your child is old enough to carry and self-treat, we must have a note from the doctor stating that they are educated about their asthma and know when to get help if not responding to treatment. Please have the Asthma Action Plan filled out by the doctor.


    If your student has a severe allergy that requires the use of an Epi-Pen, please make sure we have this medication on hand, at all times. The doctor will need to fill out the Allergy Action Plan so we know the treatment regimen to follow.


    A doctor's order is required yearly for allergy to milk, etc., which must be kept on file with the cafeteria, as well as the nurse. If you have listed NUTS, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, EGGS, SOY, FISH, SHELLFISH or any other food as an allergy that has the potential for a severe reaction, PLEASE give a detailed account of your child's history. We only know as much as you communicate to us.


    A Seizure Action Plan is requested for any student that has a history of seizures or epilepsy. This will need to be filled out partially by the physician and the parent. Please keep the nursing staff updated about your child and any activity that has occurred.


    Please make sure you have your doctor send an updated Diabetes Care Plan for your child. We also will need to be informed of any changes in the doctor's order.

    All supplies: snacks, fast-acting carbs, ketone sticks, Glucagon etc. should be in the nurses' office at all times. Please contact the nurse for a 1:1 appointment.


    We MUST have a doctor's order EVERY YEAR for any procedures such as tube feedings, suctioning, catheterization, etc. The supplies need to be provided to the nurse and must be kept in stock at all times. We do not have back up supplies for these special procedures.


    All medications must be signed in by the nurse and MUST be in the original prescription bottle. If your doctor has ordered over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol or Advil, we MUST have a written doctor's order to administer.

    **If your child is a bus rider, please notify your driver of ANY needs for your student.

    Thank you for making your child's health a priority. Please keep us updated with any changes in their health care or status. We look forward to serving the students of Mississinewa Community Schools.



  • Health Services Staff

    Jennifer Ropp
    Director of Nursing
    Mississinewa High School
    P: (765) 674.2248

    Kayla Mason
    R.J. Baskett Middle School
    P: (765) 674.8536

    Shelby Meyer
    Northview Elementary
    P: (765) 677.4400

    Brooke Sands
    Westview Elementary
    P: (765) 677.4437