• Special Services

    Every child deserves and is entitled to the most inclusive education possible. Our Exceptional Student Services Department works with children, parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure that goals are set and met in a reasonable timeframe while following the letter of the law. Please read more about us and your rights below, and view resources available to parents and educators at the side of this page.

    Who We Are and How We Can Help

    Meeting the needs of the whole child is essential to helping them feel connected, supported, and ready to learn. School psychologists work to lower barriers to learning and promote school success through a variety of prevention, academic and behavior intervention, mental health, and wellness promotion services.

    Our Exceptional Services Department provides the following services:


    • Collaborate with teachers, parents, and administrators to find effective solutions to learning and behavior problems.
    • Help others understand child development and how it affects learning and behavior.


    • Evaluate eligibility for special services within a multidisciplinary team.
    • Determine social-emotional development and mental health status.
    • Evaluate learning environments.


    • Provide or refer students to help resolve interpersonal, social, or family problems that interfere with school performance.
    • Help families and schools manage crises such as death, illness, or community trauma.


    • Design programs for children at risk of failing at school.
    • Develop programs to make schools safer and more effective learning environments.
    • Collaborate with school staff and community agencies to provide services directed at improving psychological and physical health.

    Research and Planning

    • Implement and evaluate the effectiveness of academic and behavior management programs.
    • Use evidence-based research to develop and/or recommend effective interventions.

    Parent Rights

    Parents of a child who has or may have a disability have certain rights, or procedural safeguards, under federal and state laws. Please read more about your rights on the Indiana Department of Education’s website.

  • Angie Vickery
    Director of Special Education
    P: (765) 677.4444

    Sherry Pate
    Special Services Coordinator
    P: (765) 677.4450

    Jolyn Kerschner
    Special Education Secretary
    P: (765) 677.4426

    Lisa Graham
    Coop Director
    P: (765) 677.4410

    Debra Wise
    P: (765) 677.4456

    Leesa Fansler
    Coop Secretary
    P: (765) 677.4456

    Erin Matthews
    P: (765) 677.4405

    Kaitlyn Ostrander
    P: (765) 677.4460

    Mindy Hussey
    Coop Physical Therapist
    P: (765) 677.4456

    Sabra Richardson
    Coop Occupational Therapist
    P: (765) 677.4456

    Carla Garbo
    Coop Blind and Low Vision
    P: (765) 677.4456