MCSC Technology

Technology is the future, no matter what profession you’re in. Our Technology Department works hard to ensure that all of our computers and network systems are up and running for instruction on a daily basis. We maintain firewalls to keep the Internet on our campuses safe for our students, and we help bring the most up-to-date resources to each of our classrooms.

We’ve included some helpful information for our staff and students so you can always be on the cutting edge of technological resources. If you have technology-related questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our technology coordinators by phone or email. We are happy to assist you.

Live Events Have New Home with TribeTV

Tribe TV logoTribeTV student-media productions are moving all live events to YouTube. TheCube service will no longer stream Mississinewa Community Schools official events effective January 1, 2018. The student-based class has already been moving a majority of the events to the YouTube platform. There will be two channels available for viewing with all major sports events being hosted on the MCSC Athletics channel. Be sure to subscribe to both channels to stay informed when TribeTV goes live.

Latest Media to Enrich Our School Community

Kids & Tech: The New Landscape

Mississinewa Schools Technology logoMississinewa Schools Technology continues to address "Digital Citizenship" with our students, staff, and community. From Common Sense Media, this video teaches about the environment that kids are growing up in, and how these digital natives need to understand the importance of being a healthy and positive digital citizen. MCSC Technology will sponsor our next Digital Citizenship Day on November 18 in all four schools at Mississinewa.

Mac Air Parental Controls

Every student at Mississinewa Community Schools in the sixth through twelfth grades receives a Mac Air laptop to enhance their opportunity for achievement and to build personal responsibility for understanding current technological tools and environments. Parents and guardians should be actively involved in understanding the tools that we have given their students access. This video is a great resource, produced by the Mississinewa technology integration coaches, to help build that parent-student relationship in this particular technology-enhanced environment.

Technology Staff

Bruce Fleming
Technology Director
P: (765) 677.4431
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Brooks Holloway
Media Director & Web Coordinator
P: (765) 674.2248 ext. 4237
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Stephen Jeffries
Technology Support Director
P: (765) 677.4440
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Brian Wortinger
Mississinewa High School Technology Coordinator
P: (765) 674.2248 ext. 4243
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