Mississnewa's Robo Tribe Competitive Robotics

  • Coaches: Mr. Cheney, Mr. Baiao, Coach Kota and Coach Candance 

    This program will focus on designing and building robots and participating in competitions
    with other schools. Interest in becoming a member of the robotics team is great, but space
    is limited. Experience is not necessary to apply.

    Eligibility - All 6th-8th grade students
    must submit an application if interested.
    A committee of teachers and/or
    administrators review the applications
    and select students based upon their
    demonstrated work ethic, leadership.  
    potential, and strengths in the area of
    science, technology, engineering and

    Expectations - Students who participate
    in the Robotics program must be able to
    commit to after-school practices and
    multiple competitive events. Students
    must demonstrate a positive attitude and
    kindness to others. Students will require transportation home following after-school
    practices and transportation to and from competitions.