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    Assistant Principal
    Mississinewa High School                                     2020-Present 

    Assistant Principal 
    R.J.Baskett Middle School                                     2017-2020

    Assistant Principal 
    Northview Elementary                                            2016-2017

    Special Education Teacher 
    R.J. Baskett Middle School                                    2006-2016

    Special Education Teacher 
    Westview Elementary School                                  2005-2006



    Master Of Science in Education Administration 
    Indiana Wesleyan University                                  May 2016

    Bachelor of Science in Education
    Ball State University                                              January 2005



    My Personal mission is to serve my family, continue to be a good role model for every person in my life. I live each day with a positive attitude, hoping to have a positive influence as a person. It is important to be respectful, dependable, committed, honest, and consistent with my actions

    Core Values
    1). Respectful-treat all with respect.
    2). Dependable- always being there for students and staff during times of need.
    3). Committed- always having the best intrests of those I lead.
    4). Honest- always leading in and honest manner, ethically and morally.
    5). Consistent-having my behaviors match my beliefs.