• Transportation Department

    Mississinewa Community Schools provides transportation services to our students who reside one mile or more away from their home school. Our drivers are all CDL-certified and participate in regular continuing education courses to maintain the safest ride possible for your child.

    Riding the bus to school day is a privilege, not a right. We expect all students to respect and follow our safety guidelines, outlined below.

    Safety Guidelines

    • Children should arrive at his or her designated stop five minutes prior to the scheduled stop.
    • Children must stay in designated bus seats for the duration of the trip.
    • Children must use quiet voices while the bus is in motion. No loud, boisterous voices or noises.
    • Children must respect the bus driver at all times and follow directions.

  • Transportation Staff


    Ted Gosser
    Director of Maintenance and Transportation
    P: (765) 677.4447
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    Jarred Luckey
    Assistant Director of Maintenance and Transportation
    P: (765) 677.4413
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    Jenna Hall
    Maintenance and Transportation Secretary
    P: (765) 677.4413
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