Battle of the Books

4th Grade Sponsors: Mrs. Frantz, Mr. Fulda 

    5th Grade Sponsors Ms. Moore, Miss Corn

    Club Information

    Battle of the Books is a reading competition in which students read books that are chosen annually by a national committee. The students meet together to discuss and study the book(s), and travel to a local competition as well as a mock competition to test their knowledge of the book(s) against other area school teams.


    Battle of the Books is an after-school program for fourth grade students. Students are chosen to participate by teacher referral and a demonstrated strength in point totals through Accelerated Reader as well as percentage of questions answered correctly on quizzes in AR.


    Students who participate in Battle of the Books must earn 50 Accelerated Reader points by the end of the first semester, maintain a diagnostic score of 85% or better on Accelerated Reader, and have a parent permission form on file with parental agreement to provide transportation to and from competitions (if needed) and pick up from after-school practices.